Reducing by 40% our greenhouse gas intensity

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The greenhouse gas intensity is a ratio between Solvay's greenhouse gas emissions and its EBITDA. To achieve its objective, Solvay will be stepping up its SolWatt energy efficiency program, continuously optimizing its industrial processes, developing clean technologies and increasing the share of renewables in its energy production and supply. 

Furthermore, Solvay sets an internal price for CO2 at 25 euros per tonne since the 1 January 2016 to take into account climate challenges in its investment decisions.

An externally verified and structured greenhouse gas emission reporting system and the response to rating agencies such as the Carbon Disclosure project helps the Group to align its efforts on the effectiveness of its greenhouse gas challenges.

“We have an obligation to ensure that we reduce our impact on the planet. We are more emission intensive than peers, so we must integrate sustainability into every key business decision. ”
Karim Hajjar
Chief Financial Officer and Comex Member